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GPRS Bluetooth manual for Windows



modem konfiguration

To connect you mobile with the internet it have to be configured as a modem. There are many possibilities. For example you can connect the mobile to the PC through Bluetooth, Infrarot or a data cable. In our manual wie will show the connection via Bluetooth. If you prefer to use other linking you will get informations in the documentation of your mobile.

search for a mobile

To search the mobile you must click onto "Bluetooth Places" that can be found on the Desktop or Working Place.

Select "view devices in range" to get a result of all available Bluetooth devices. Then we pair the device with the given option. To do that you must right click on the device to pair and choose the "pair device" option.

You will get a PIN request that we can answer with some numbers you must remember, because you have type it in your mobile again.

modem connection setup

Go into dial up network for Windows98 / ME or under Windows 2000 / XP in "Network" -> Properties.

Here we create a new connection. The explaination is for Windows 2000 / XP from now on. In Windows 98 / ME there may be little differences in the dialogues. Now we create a connection to the internet and choose the configure manually option.

Because of we want to create a connection with the dial up modem, we choose in the next step "Bluetooth-Modem". If you want to connect with Infrared or data cable you must select these ones. Please inform you about the configuration in these cases at your mobile documentation or the specific software.

As username choose "GPRS-Internet" or the providers name you use. Fill in *99***1# in the calling number box. These will be choose the first GPRS connection of your mobile. On few other modells this will be only *99*#. This depend on your cell. For the connection you don't need a password. Note that you should disable your firewall, because its useless at this point and can cause some problems.

Right click onto the created connection and choose the menu "Properties".

On the options tab we disable the request of calling number, name and password.

We choose the properties for TCP/IP in the network area.

As DNS we fill in ""

Now we have to change some settings of the modem to connect over GPRS. In the device manager we select the Bluetoothmodem with a double click.

On the tab "enhanced" we add the WAP-APN of our provider. As example for O2 Germany this will be wap.viaginterkom.de. The whole line we insert is:


The connection is now configured an we can use it. Now you only must setup the software correctly. How this is done is described here.

If you had any problems using this connection, you would use the 2. way to connect to your mobile. For that you must click Bluetootharea on you phone. Here you can find all services your mobile provides. In most cases this is named "Dial-Up Networking" or "SSA". After a click on this service the computer connects to your phone and a Dial-Up window appear.

After that you must also make the configurations described above.