WAPD Wireless Communication Portal

wapdNET for Windows


After you have purchased the wapdNET service you can download the software. You will find the link in your useraccount after logging in. Run setup.exe to install the application.

program configuration

When you launch the program the first time, it must be configured for your mobile provider. Press the settings button. Fill in your login / password you take for the useraccount on the webpage. You can find the wap gateway for your provider in the settings of your mobile phone or you have to contact your mobile provider for this informations. Under WAPd-Gateway fill in p.wapd.de. If this gateway will change you will be informed.


In the tab server you can manage TCP and UDP connections. This is importand for applications that you cannot run over SocksCap.



connect to wapdNET

You can click the connect button after you have configured the program properly. The connectionstate will switch to "connected", if all have set up correctly. Note that a dial up connection to you provider must be established before you connect with the wapdNET software, because the press onto the connect button is only the sign in on the wapdNET-Server. wapdNET will never dial any connection.

Now you can close the application. It hides and is visible on the tray.

A rightclick on the wapd symbol cause the application to get visible again.

first trys with the browser

Start the Internet Explorer and choose tools->internet options-> connections. After you have selcted your dial up connection, click onto the properties button to configure the proxy. Choose "use proxyserver for this connection" -> "Advanced".

Fill in the data you see in the next picture.

Now store the settings with a press onto the "OK" button. All have been configured for surfing the web.