WAPD Wireless Communication Portal


The new WAPd solution brings every user the ability to use the the whole internet over the wapgates of the mobile suppliers. The magic words are "TCP over WAP". TCP content will be translated into wap pages. The WapDproxy client software use this transfered content to build a TCP stream from the recieved UDP (WAP) content. So the WAPd Gateway have the functionality of a normal proxy and can be used with any software on a personal computer.


The wapdNET-Client is available as a microsoft windows compatible application.

- Nearly every application with proxy support can be used.
- all over Sockscap PC
- Downloads to 4 kb / second
- Windows / linux and PDA compatible
- Transfers over reduntant WAPd servers (located in Germany)
- HTTP, SSL and Socks implementation


Bluetooth manual for Windows
wapdNET manual for Windows


ICQ 4.x configuration
SocksCap configuration



Note: WapdNET is not longer available because of the possibility to overuse the wapgateways of some mobile suppliers.