WAPD Wireless Communication Portal



wapICQ is a ICQ clone for your mobile. Only wappages will be opened due this every wap enabled mobile will work with it.


Only wappages will be served, so you can use WAPd with wapflatrates ( cheap using fees )
With use of the wapflatrates of the mobile suppliers a free communications service can be used (SMS replacement)
Combined mobile communication with the internet.
Existing ICQ accounts can be used. (the same ICQ identity also when you are mobile)
Communication between two mobile WapICQ users (complete cheap mobile replecement of SMS )



Using of server side ICQ-Groups
Send / recive of messages
User stats [on] [off] [na] and [awy] will be shown
Costumized offline user control
Auto refresh ( one minute )
Supported offline messages (wapd temp. stored)


technical function:

WapICQ is an gateway for the ICQ-Network.This gateway transforms text from ICQ into WML-pages, which can then be easily viewed with the mobile.


WapICQ Tutorial