WAPD Wireless Communication Portal



wapIRC is a wap based irc client for your mobile. Only Wap pages are opened, due to this it can be used with any Wap mobile.


There will be displayed only wappages because of this you can use this Service with any wapflatrate. (free wap usage with wapflats)
With the use of the wapflats of the mobile phone suppliers wapIRC offer a free communication service (SMS replacement)
Linking of mobile communication with the internet
Many IRC Networks are supported right now.
Communication between two mobile wapIRC users (cheap and full
replacement of SMS).


supported fuctions:

Serverjoin of supported Networks. A list of it you can find here
Channel join and part. Userlisting of channels.
Private chat function. Automatic refresh every minute.
Included Performlist (web based) as also grouped server notices
for easier handling.


WapIRC Tutorial